Wednesday, February 19, 2014

just a bit behind...

so as you can tell i'm just a bit behind.  overwhelmingly so!!  i'm hoping to be back here to catch up some day but for now i started a new blog to that hopefully i can keep of with the present.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

beckam's preschool graduation...

beckam had an awesome year in ms. maryellen and ms. tina's class.  he had lots of sibling of kids that had been in isaac's 4's class, in his.  he was a little ahead of the curve acedemically.  his teacher would tell us that while she was trying to teach the other kids letters and numbers by showing things that beckam would just read it all to them.  i think she even used him to test out some books she had been given.  he had lots of fun and made some great friends.  this year was all about social growth for beckam and it was fun to see him turn into such a good friend.  pictures at the bottom of him and some of his friends include: noah, ciana, chance, and "lulu" aka lauren.  lulu was beck's carpool buddy this year and he got to ride around with my sweet friend kim from our ward and her girls, he loved it.  we had promised isaac's when beckam started his year in 3's that when beckam had his 4's graduation he could miss school for a bit in the morning to attend his graduation, isaac was pretty excited to be there.  we are so greatful for beckam and the awesome part of our family he is!  we love you!
{drivin' in my car a broom broom broom!}

Sunday, February 3, 2013


my awesome friend brooke invited beckam to take gymnastic lessons this year with one of his bests levi.  it was so nice she would come and get him take him and bring him home all things that would have been really hard with a brand new baby this school year.  beckam loved gymnastics and did really well. these pictures are from there show at the end of the year so they can show their families what they have learned.  my camera was almost dead when i got there so not too many pictures but we did get a few. {i've been sad that beck hasn't been able to keep doing gymnastic now that he is in kindergarten because it was such a good experience.}

Monday, November 5, 2012

mother's day...

i am the lucky mother of all this craziness!  i don't know what i would do without these sweet boy, besides maybe not be quite so tired.  and as a side note you maybe looking at beck's shirt and think i am a crummy not so observant mom; sighting that his shirt is on backwards, and i did nothing about it.  but it actually makes me a great mom, because i did notice it, i would have liked it changed, but i let it go! 

boosterthon aka the old fund raiser i don't hate...

and i'll tell you why.  it's because they ask you to donate $ to the school, without asking you to buy something you don't want, ie. crappy cookie dough, or crappy pizza, or crappy...well you get the idea.  also you don't have to ask your friends, family, or neighbors to buy any of this crap either.  next they also use some of the proceeds to help schools in countries who need it, yes i love to help.  and lastly they get these kids to get sponsers to get out there and run, it's good for them.  plus they put on cool things for the kids like professional bmx bike rider demos and they get sweet t-shirts.  i mean really what could be better??  all the kids get these shirts and for every lap they run they get a mark on their shirts they could only get sponsered up to so many laps but isaac had several extra marks on his shirt. the boy RAN! and when everyone else stopped running he RAN some more.

 most of the pictures i took looked like this one above.  he wouldn't even slow down a little bit for his mom to take pictures, he may have even ran faster.

 this is bryant one of isaac's best friends this year.  he's a great kid.

 and here is one of his other bests, our buddy payton.

 {true and beck had a run in, nice huh?, they started fighting grabbed each other and stood there locked screaming till i pulled them apart.  sometime those two little personalities just clash or maybe it's because they are both so headstrong and stubborn neither will budge.  they will argue with each other and it will consist of two words one saying no the other saying yes, and even though i am certain neither remembers what they are even fighting about they would battle yes/no till the end of the earth if i didn't break it up.  can't wait till these to are teenagers and then i can start some serious yes/no fights with them}

 this is the face of a boy who's mom is asking him to take a picture with his brothers because she thinks the race is all over, but apperently it's not and he could still be running even though MOST eveyone else has not been for sometime now, sorry.
 finally finished